About Us

Back9Birdy’s is a Lifestyle/Fitness brand within the niche market of the sport of Golf. It was created in 2023 by Jason Spinney.

If you are reading or watching this let me please thank you first.  This is the launch of “Back9Birdy’s” lifestyle brand and “JSpinGolf”.  Over the last couple of years, I have been asked by several people “where have you been” and inquisitively “what have you been up to”.

I was the story of so many people that grew up in a stable family with every advantage one should need to create an amazing life.  Instead after graduating college with zero student loans, I staggered around Boston and Cape Cod partying, making a decent living and saving nothing.  What I did was develop a terrible drinking and addiction problem.  Like many I ran from my problems, blaming everyone else along the way until 9 years ago when something clicked.  No surprise it was in the rooms of recovery after multiple prior failed attempts.  The last 9 years (God willing October 31st) I have not only learned to live in sobriety, but I have excelled and created a life beyond my wildest dreams.  Using my passions golf, fitness, family, travel, fashion and food I am going to take you inside my life.

I welcome and look forward to anyone that wants to follow me, join me, ask me or share with me yours as everyone is welcome.  If I can entertain, motivate, inspire or help anyone in or out of recovery that is my hope and goal for this entire endeavor. 

Back9Birdy’s for me is reinventing myself and living the best “back 9” of my life I possibly can.  Yours can be turning the page on something, wanting to be better at something or even learning how to live life in recovery.  I want to take you inside how I have improved my life, the steps I take, the discipline I use and how I do life now.

From a golf standpoint I will share with you my rounds, the beautiful courses I play and the simulator I put into my house.  I also will share with you my recent journey of going from a 20ish handicap to being now a nearly scratch golfer.  The drills I did, the tips, the tricks, training aids, equipment changes and anything else you want to know, or I can possibly help with.

I look forward to meeting you, in good health and friendship.

-A message from founder, Jason Spinney